Artisan Gourmet Chocolate made in Switzerland,
European Confections, Chocolates, and Truffles

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Truffili Collections

Truffili Luxury Swiss Chocolate, European Truffles & Confections

Savor the finest Luxury Swiss Chocolate – truly artisan gourmet European confections and chocolate truffles made by Switzerland’s premier chocolatier. Truffili di Pellegrini is proud to bring you gourmet Swiss chocolate that will amaze and please you.

Artistically delightful and structurally interesting, each piece of gourmet Swiss chocolate from Truffili di Pellegrini is a work of art inside and out! Following in the great Swiss tradition, they use only the finest ingredients to make these artisan European truffles and chocolates unlike any you have ever seen or tasted before. The extraordinary taste, texture, aroma and artistry of these luxury chocolate truffles will capture even the most sophisticated chocolate connoisseur.

Truffili premium chocolate for luxury gifting, events and favors and hospitality and travel make us the number one choice for businesses.

Indulge yourself and those special to you with the best European chocolate in the world!