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Dark Chocolate Passion

Dark Chocolate Passion
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The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Experience designed for the chocolate purest!

Our dark chocolate possesses a full bodied character and personality. Deep intense brown colors, vibrant aromas of dark cocoa, a harmony of complex chocolate flavors give way to a minute of sweetness, a buttery lusciousness and then a long lasting cocoa finish enhanced by a rich smoothness and sophisticated mouth feel.

Truffili Noir
65% Dark chocolate square shell filled with a rich chocolate ganache. The hallmark of our chocolate collections, this chocolate represents the expertise of our chocolatiers. Smooth rich intense chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans roasted to perfection and expertly finished.

Dark Chocolate Truffle
Decadent, buttery dark ganache is covered in a rich smooth dark chocolate shell. Let each truffle melt in your mouth for the full impact. As the shell melts away, a warm buttery chocolate ganache coats your mouth making a lasting impression.

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

Dark Chocolate Almond
A bittersweet ganache filling topped with a whole perfectly roasted almond enrobed in silky dark couverture.

Dark Chocolate Caramel
Rich soft buttery softly flowing caramel with a subtle smoky taste enrobed in dark decadent chocolate. Oh how can I describe thee…softly flowing caramel, buttery, with butterscotch and toasted toffee tones- subtly smoky in perfect balance, all come together in a smooth, dark chocolate shell. In a word, fantastic!