Artisan Gourmet Chocolate made in Switzerland,
European Confections, Chocolates, and Truffles

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  • SEE:

    See the artistry. Let your eyes see the color, design and curves of each piece.

  • SMELL:

    Smell the rich aroma. The aroma prepares your palate for a great experience to come.

  • TASTE:

    Taste the passion. Place the chocolate in your mouth, chew TWICE to begin the melting process and STOP! Let it melt. Enjoy its intense kaleidoscope of chocolate flavors as it blossoms. Taste the character of the chocolate.

  • FEEL:

    Feel the texture. Enjoy the silky smooth texture as it melts and surrounds your mouth and throat. Enjoy the crunch and crispiness in some pieces.

  • HEAR: Listen for the Mmmmmm!


    Please do not chomp and swallow fine chocolate because you will miss a great sensual experience! Nonno Pio remarked, "Eat chocolate with patience, so you can enjoy!"


    Fine chocolate should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. The storage temperature should be between 55°F and 60°F. To fully appreciate the rich sophisticated flavor, these chocolates should be consumed at a temperature of 68°F to 70°F, and within one week of opening the box. Keep each box closed tightly when not in use.

About our Swiss Chocolatiers….

Family has always been important to our Swiss chocolatiers. The company's fundamental values are reliability, honesty, trust and sustainability. Each family member is aware of their responsibility for the environment and for others, both now and in the future. Two production facilities in Switzerland guarantee continuous sustainable quality from cocoa bean to the finished product.

Support and Protection of the Brazilian Rain Forests

There is a Brazilian agricultural cooperative called Cabruca (small cocoa plantations) comprised of 42 organic, family-run farms committed to the preservation of the rainforest and the sustainable cultivation of organic cocoa. Together they cultivate more than 4000 hectares of rainforest unspoiled by artificial farming methods. The luxury cocoa they are able to harvest is limited with only restricted quantities available. Our Swiss chocolatiers are proud of the fact that they are the only company allowed to sell Cabruca products in Switzerland. Be prepared to pay more for the conscience-soothing options -- and expect a better-tasting product

World Cocoa Foundation

Our Swiss chocolatiers are members of the World Cocoa Foundation. The World Cocoa Foundation implements, manages, and participates in economic, social and environmental stewardship programs at the grassroots level for independent family farmers in 15 cocoa-producing countries around the world.

WCF Impact:
540,000+ Farmers Reached
106,000+ Farmers completed training through the WCF Cocoa Livelihoods Program
100,000+ Additional farm households to be reached through the WCF African Cocoa Initiative
6,600 Farmers and local officials trained in Vietnam
90+ Member companies working together towards cocoa sustainability

We are proud to be associated with and salute our Swiss chocolatiers for their commitment to the sustainability of cocoa and the help they provide to the small farms and cooperatives growing this precious commodity we love, cocoa.