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Milk Chocolate Madness

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A Milk Chocolate collection delighting sophisticated palates …

Honeycomb Almond Crunch
A crunchy crispy feuilletine almond gianduja tops a layer of real honey underneath. All is covered in velvety milk chocolate and stamped with a honeycomb pattern.

Almond Hazelnut Crunch
Flavorful almond and hazelnut gianduja filling is surrounded by a smooth milk chocolate shell.

Milk Chocolate Truffle
An attractive milk chocolate shell covers a silky creamy milk chocolate center. A vibrant cocoa taste with warm caramel and butterscotch undertones gives way to a slightly salty quality that fades into an undeniable balanced sweetness lingering on the palate.


Notes on Milk Chocolate:

Lovers of milk chocolate are comfortable admitting that they prefer it to dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is no longer child’s play! Remember that after-school milk chocolate devoured right in the store because you just couldn’t wait?

Making a milk chocolate is more complicated than making dark chocolate partly because milk chocolate has more ingredients (sugar, milk, sometimes cocoa butter). Our Swiss Chocolatiers must determine the right sweetness, creaminess and combinations for a balanced final product.

We are seeing milk chocolate delighting sophisticated palates because as it melts in your mouth powerful cocoa tones emerge, then dairy, then hints of caramel and brown sugar emerge culminating in a rich cocoa flavor.

So, come on! Remember how the experience of a sumptuous piece of creamy milk chocolate deliberately melting on the tip of your tongue was sheer ecstasy. Indulge yourself again in the childhood nostalgia of sweet, creamy, milk chocolate!