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The Pellegrini Story

The Pellegrini's

Our story

Pio’s Heritage

Pellegrino di Tibaldi de Pellegrini, artist and architect was born in 1527. He gained prominence in Northern Italy by becoming the official Architect of the City of Milan. He designed and constructed the façade of Milan’s Duomo (Cathedral). During this same time period chocolate became the rage in northern Italy. Thus began the Pellegrini heritage of appreciation for art, structure and taste. By 1720, chocolatiers from Florence and Venice, well versed in the art of making chocolate, were welcomed to Switzerland, Germany and France where Pio travelled as a young man.

Nonno Pio

Pio Pellegrini was born in Trent, Austria, in 1872, of Italian culture, but under Austrian control. Educated in Switzerland, he developed his love of European culture, architecture, art and food. Fluent in Italian, German and French, Pio traveled extensively throughout Europe studying and often indulging his love of fine food and his passion for fine chocolate.

When I was a little girl, I loved to play under the kitchen table while my grandfather Pio, Nonno as I called him, created the most exquisite confections. Every once in a while, I’d emerge and pinch a taste of grated chocolate. Thus, I earned the nickname of “Nonno's Little Mouse!” While cooking, Nonno would regale me with stories of his travels throughout Europe as he described in great detail the wonder of his journey and the spectacle of mouthwatering chocolate delicacies that he enjoyed along the way.

Our Inspiration

As a child, I remember Nonno Pio’s excitement when magnificent boxes of chocolate arrived from Europe. Chocolate had to be intensely flavorful, beautifully constructed and artfully pleasing to meet his strict standards. Nonno was our inspiration for Truffili di Pellegrini™ – to provide the most excellent chocolate confections for all to enjoy. Nonno Pio loved life and chocolate! He mused, "Chocolate is the stuff of life!"

Our chocolate confections are made in Switzerland in the Pellegrini heritage of art, structure, and taste.
Indulge yourself and enjoy! — Lorraine Pellegrini Thomson (Nonno’s Little Mouse!)