Artisan Gourmet Chocolate made in Switzerland,
European Confections, Chocolates, and Truffles

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This endearing chocolate animal with its engaging little eyes is the quintessence of cuteness!
Eyes are hand applied thus each little critter has its own personality! Some look left, some right and some right into your eyes!
It is made of milk, white and dark chocolate! Its creamy ganache center melts in your mouth!
Quantities are limited. Get your orders in soon!

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

Softly flowing rich buttery caramel with a slightly smoky tone bathed in a luscious rich dark chocolate shell. Finished with a sprinkle of pure pink Himalayan Sea Salt our soft flowing caramels create the perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

Dark chocolate mousse sits atop an almond wafer, enrobed in dark chocolate, and topped pink Himalayan Sea Salt and edible sparkly gold sprinkles. Salty meets sweet and smooth meets crunchy.

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

Six little tributes to Modern Art is a playful and colorful assortment of tastes and textures. Swiss Art Dark 70% Ecuadorian Dark chocolate filling surrounded by smooth dark chocolate! Swiss Art Milk Chocolate Aromatic milk chocolate filling with notes of brown sugar and caramel coated with creamy smooth milk chocolate! Strawberry Heart -Strawberry Ganache with crispy bits of strawberries enrobed in buttery white chocolate. String of Hearts Crispy, delicate hazelnut gianduja with lightly roasted Piemontese hazelnuts coated in smooth silky milk chocolate! Apricot Daisy Power – Fruity apricot truffle filling enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. Cherry Starburst – Tart cherry Gianduja enrobed in dark chocolate.

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Experience designed for the chocolate purest!
Truffili Noir
65% Dark chocolate square shell filled with a rich chocolate ganache. The hallmark of our chocolate collections, this chocolate represents the expertise of our chocolatiers. Smooth rich intense chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans roasted to perfection and expertly finished. Dark Chocolate Truffle
Decadent, buttery dark ganache is covered in a rich smooth dark chocolate shell. Let each truffle melt in your mouth for the full impact. As the shell melts away, a warm buttery chocolate ganache coats your mouth making a lasting impression.

Open box of Lugano Luxuries

Sophisticated palates enjoy! As this chocolate melts in your mouth, powerful cocoa tones come forward, then dairy, following are hints of caramel and brown sugar culminating in a rich cocoa flavor.
Feuilletine Hazelnut Crunch
Crispy feuilletine sugar wafers are ground with hazelnuts and milk chocolate, formed into a log, coated with milk chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate stripes.
Milk Chocolate Truffles  
An attractive milk chocolate shell covers a silky creamy rich milk chocolate center. A vibrant cocoa taste with warm caramel and butterscotch undertones giving way to a slightly salty quality that fades into an undeniable balanced sweetness lingering on the palate.